A little bit about me.

Photography is a hobby that I became serious about in 2006. I learned photography by attending classes and meetings with local organizations: The Arts Community of Easton, Wired Co-op and Gallery, Hillcrest Camera Club, Lehigh Valley and Reading Berks Guild of Craftsman, The Berks Photographic Society, Lehigh Valley Arts Council.

Fine art photography is what I am currently focusing on. I recently moved to Montgomery County and find the area amazing to explore with my camera. After trying several styles of photography (photojournalism for newspapers and magazines, commercial work both in stores and with an art consultant, and fine art photography sold at art festivals, gallery exhibits and in stores) I'm finding my niche. I enjoy photographing the serene natural landscapes as well as capturing the quaintness of some of the small towns in the area. I also can't resist watching critters, both in their natural habitat and farm animals/pets, and capturing them in a way that really shows their personality.

The majority of my digital photographs are scenes found in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey area. I perform minimal processing and do my own printing using an Epson archival printer. Everything is also mounted/matted using all archival materials. I enjoy finding materials I can make into unique frames like barn-wood or old windows and doors. I also like trying different archival materials to print on like canvas and metallic paper.